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Training at King's. Etiquette and Rules. Class Details. Costs.


Training at Kings

Kung fu is not about fighting; it's about respect for yourself and for those around you, self-confidence and discipline; all of which will be emphasised in our lessons. Fitness, awareness and self-defence are a just a few more reasons why we think you should join. We are a friendly and social group coming from all walks of life and we do not discriminate against age, gender, ethnicity or medical conditions.

Sah Poh Poo
(Three Step Form)

Kung fu is also not a sport, but a martial art with all the etiquette and behaviour that practice of a true martial art entails. The student must not use his or her skills offensively or in unjustified situations, whether inside or out of the kwoon (training centre); the student must also abide by the precepts & tenets strictly and without deviation, and follow the etiquette and rules below. Our Sifu reserves the right to suspend a student from training if he feels that these rules have been carelessly neglected.


Etiquette and Rules

Entering, leaving and presence in the kwoon

When entering the kwoon students must bow towards the photographs of Cho-Si and Sigung, and your Sifu if he is present

The door should be closed behind you unless someone else is entering/leaving the kwoon behind you, or the door is fixed open

The first students to arrive should sweep the floor of the kwoon and clear away any rubbish that may be left lying around

When arriving at the kwoon your belongings should be placed neatly away from the training area, most usually to the side of the entrance


On entering the kwoon, any hats or sunglasses shall be removed from the head

No food or drink shall be consumed within the kwoon except where Sifu permits a water break
The use of mobile phones is not permitted in the kwoon and must be switched off or to silent mode before entering

Silence must be observed when sitting and observing the class

If you need to leave the kwoon during class, e.g. to use the toilet, you should seek Sifu’s permission before doing so
When seated in the hall you should never have your legs extended, unless, for example, when stretching
If you are late for class, you must wait at the front of the class to bow to Sifu and the class to acknowledge the fact that your lateness is disrupting the class. You will be penalised for your lateness, for example, by doing push-ups
For the avoidance of doubt, it is better to come late and do your push-ups, than to absent yourself from class for fear of being given push-ups

If you will not be attending class for any reason, out of courtesy you should let Sifu know via the King’s committee members so that your absence with apologies can be noted. This is the case for each and every class

Dress and personal hygiene


All students should wear as a minimum: system training pants, a system T-shirt and the appropriate coloured belt. Beginners may wear a plain T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms for the first two months of training, and then system kit should be purchased
02Full uniform (tunic, pants and belt) must be worn at gradings
03All uniform should be clean and pressed
04Hands and feet should be washed before class or gradings
05Longer length hair should be tied or clipped back
06All jewellery must be removed or taped down. It is your responsibility to tape jewellery down and the tape in the first aid kit is not there for this purpose. If jewellery is not removed, you will not be permitted to train
07Finger and toenails should be kept short and tidy
08If your uniform requires straightening or your belt needs to be re-tied, you must face away from Sifu and all your seniors while tidying uniform or belt
09Any orders or requests regarding uniform or merchandise should be addressed to the King’s committee members


Class details

Weekly Dates

We train weekly on Tuesdays and Thursday between 6.30 and 8.30 pm with special topic classes as announced on Saturdays between 2 and 5 pm.

Our main training centre is at,

Atrium 1, Southwark Wing

Guy's Hospital

St Thomas' Street

London SE1 9RT 

Our training rooms, dates and times can vary from time to time, so please check the front page for the most up to date information.



Anyone is welcome to sit in and watch the class. Your first lesson is free, so why not give it a go?


Subsequent classes may be paid per lesson or by the month. As our club is a university run club, students from any university are offered a concessional rate, as are out-of-age pensioners (OAPs) and those who are unemployed. 

Students who study at King's College London must apply for club membership with KCLSU, and non-students must apply to be associate membership in addition to club membership.

Anyone who wishes to train regularly must also be a member of the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA), These memberships are renewed annually, the cost covers administration and insurance, and gives you the right to grade and attend System events and training courses.




Black Belts
Training Fee per Session£6



Monthly Training Fee




Annual KCLSU
Annual BCCMA Membership£30



Concession here means current students, OAPs and the unemployed.

 Rates apply only if paying by monthly standing order. Please speak to an admin in class if paying by cash.

 This also covers the cost of personal indemnity insurance, which is required for instructing classes


Training Venue

Atrium 1, Southwark Wing

Guy's Hospital

St Thomas' Street

London SE1 9RT